It’s no secret that social media has taken the Internet by storm. What used to be the domain of teenagers looking to stay in contact with one another has become one of the most important marketing tools of our modern age. In fact, social media is as important to today’s business as direct mail marketing was some 20 years ago. That’s why we make Social Media Marketing (SMM) an important part of our overall marketing package.

With social media marketing we are able to create a presence for you on the most well used SM sites including Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In so doing, we can also give you the capability of linking all of your social media sites in order to manage content from just one place. That means if you update your WordPress site, it will also post to all of your other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Just imagine; you’ll be able to communicate with all of your fans and friends with a single post.

Not only is this convenient, it’s also important when it comes to search engine rankings. One of the many factors that search engines look for when ranking pages are ‘social signals’, this is related to businesses/websites having active social media accounts as well as having people talking about your website via social media sites. Social media has become more important in relation to where your website is placed in search engine results E.G. Google wants to rank the most useful information 1st in it’s search results, if a website contains very useful information on a topic, people are more likely to share that information via social media sites, this will help search engines rank your page higher and keep it there for longer periods of time.

Let Us Do the Work

We want you to know that we are experts in social media marketing Newcastle. But we go far beyond Newcastle upon Tyne. Our social media marketing skills will present your business to the entire North East, the UK, and the world. We can create Facebook fan pages to help generate buzz about your new products and services; custom tweets that will keep your business in front of your followers; and WordPress blogs that will provide relevant and important content your customers need to know. We can also write articles for your blog or write press releases to always keep your business in the news and bringing out useful and fresh information on a regular business, for more details on this read about our copywriting service.

Social media marketing UK is best done by industry experts who know their trade. We are those experts. We have years of experience in SEO, web building and development, and social media marketing. We’re confident we can provide your business with all of the services and resources you need to help your business progress and increase enquiries/sales.

If you’ve never used social media marketing before, now is the time to get on board and see what it’s all about. You’ll find that there’s a whole new market out there in the social media world.